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Central & side stand
Large storage space under the saddle for 2 helmets
Full digital-analog instrument panel with tachometer
SMART KEY. Multi-purpose central switch with anti-theft protection
LED technology lights
Alarm flash
Front and rear disc brakes with high pressure hoses and new generation ABS
Aluminum wheels
Adjustable brake levers
Power supply with USB port
Service indicator




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The Kymco X-Town 300i ABS is the ultimate combination of style, performance, and comfort. This scooter is designed to tackle the urban jungle with ease and grace. At the heart of the X-Town 300i ABS is a powerful and efficient liquid-cooled engine that delivers smooth and reliable power. The engine is paired with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system that ensures smooth and seamless gear changes, making riding effortless and enjoyable.


The X-Town 300i ABS also features advanced safety technologies, including Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Dual Channel ABS. This cutting-edge technology ensures that riders can stop quickly and safely in any weather condition, giving them peace of mind while they ride.

The scooter’s design is both stylish and practical, with a spacious and comfortable seat, large under-seat storage, and a convenient front storage compartment. The X-Town 300i ABS also features a digital instrument panel that displays all the important information you need to know, including speed, fuel level, and more.

The X-Town 300i ABS is perfect for commuting and city riding. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and its smooth and reliable engine provides ample power for highway riding.

In conclusion, the Kymco X-Town 300i ABS is the ideal scooter for those who want a stylish, safe, and reliable mode of transportation for the city. With its impressive performance, advanced safety features, and practical design, it is the perfect choice for urban riders.