Ευέλικτο και ελαφρύ, το νέο People S διατίθεται σε δύο κυβισµούς 125 και 150. Σύγχρονο από κάθε άποψη. Ο νέος αποδοτικός 4-βάλβιδος κινητήρας G5-ECO, εγγυάται ακόµα χαµηλότερη κατανάλωση καυσίµου ενώ η απόδοσή του είναι κορυφαία για την κατηγορία.
    Μοντέρνο και µε κοµψή σχεδίαση αποπνέει µια αίσθηση Ιταλικής φινέτσας που σε κάνει να ξεχωρίζεις.

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    The new RX-7V EVO, packed with seven decades of experience.
    The RX-7V EVO is the new flagship model with proven Arai protection combined with the ECE R22-06 approval. It’s not just a new model, it’s a new benchmark.
    ECE R22-06 requires a much more stringent testing process than the previous ECE R22-05. Arai presented the RX-7V EVO and it gained homologation while maintaining its characteristic round, smooth and strong shell design to ‘glance-off’ and spread impact forces. Or simply put, by being an Arai RX-7V EVO.
    There is a difference with Arai. It’s the combination of every single piece of design, no matter how large, small or even invisible, working on behalf of the rider. Because what we protect is priceless.

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  • LX08max 4000w Electric Motorcycle

    EU 05 EEC regulation standards, with 125cc motor’s performance, 12″ wide Tyre size, BOSCH 4000W rated motor and disc brake with CBS,75km/h speed, more comfortable drive, dual Portable 60V32Ah “LG” lithium battery in parallel, offering overlong range, LED lights and high-tech design digital meter for all driving information.

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  • VOGE 300DS ABS E5

    YF300 liquid-cooled engine, E-start only, 6-speed, Alloy wheel, Tubeless tire, Fr. & Rr. disc brake, Rear single shock, LED headlight with LED decorative light, LED tail light, LED turn Signals, Digital meter, Rear carrier, Unique-style swing arm

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