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Arai Tour-X5 Discovery Motocross Helmet

The Tour-X5 is one of the most versatile helmets ever created. It has been designed for both on- and off-road use. As the successor of the Tour-X4, it is made of fiber composites with a multi-density EPS liner for good shock absorption while retaining perfect lightness. Not only the shell, but also the shield system are rounder and smoother. Its interior is made of hypoallergenic, antimicrobial fabric for added comfort. It features improved ventilation with chin vent and integrated spoiler, as well as three venturi extractors for absolute comfort.


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  • Shell primarily made of Super Fiber (30% stronger than regular fiberglass)
  • Detachable peak
  • Side reinforcements at chin strap
  • EPS multiple-density foam padding
  • Inner lining in hypoallergenic, antimicrobial fabric
  • Removable, washable interior
  • Colorless visor with anti-scratch treatment
  • Easy to remove (10mm wider)
  • Screen predisposed for Pinlock film and UV resistance
  • Pinlock 120 XLT series
  • Carrying case included
  • Front ventilation for dynamic airflow
  • Three adjustable Venturi extractors to evacuate humidity and internal heat
  • Integrated spoiler for improved noise and disturbance reduction
  • New nose deflector suitable for use with goggles
  • Upgrade to on-road version requires no additional parts.
  • Over the glasses
  • Removable inner parts


  • Homologation: ECE 22.06
  • Weight: 1700 g (±50 g)
  • Material: Super fiber
  • Paint Finish: Glossy