Ένα εντελώς νέο μοντέλο στην δημοφιλή κατηγορία των mega scooter, που συγκεντρώνει όλα τα χαρακτηριστικά που είναι απαραίτητα στο σύγχρονο αναβάτη. Με προδιαγραφές Euro-4 χρησιμοποιεί ένα εξελιγμένο κινητήρα με έμφαση στην οικονομία και τη γραμμική απόδοση. Σχεδιάστηκε με κεντρική φιλοσοφία την άνεση και την πρακτικότητα στις μετακινήσεις, με το χώρο κάτω από την σέλα να φιλοξενεί άνετα κράνος οδηγού και συνοδηγού
    ενώ ο χώρος στην ποδιά θα βολέψει όλους τους αναβάτες σε κοντινές ή μακρύτερες διαδρομές.


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    RR RACING 2T 300 MY2021

    Beta launches the new RR Racing MY 2021 on the market!
    The new Racing version of the RR 2T-4T presented in June will come out in October, as usual. The Racing version offers all the characteristics which make it a real ready-to-race motorbike, suitable for the most extreme situations you might encounter on a competition terrain. Beta engineers have therefore focused on developing a high-end set-up and incorporating all those details – both aesthetic and functional – that reduce weight and ensure an even better performance with all race conditions.

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    RR 4T 480 MY 2021


    Updated chassis in the steering headarea and in the reinforcedplates for improved feel and durability. The accessories supplied have been modified to provide better protection against wear.
    Improved rear subframe, more robust and durable.
    New side-panel mounting, for easier installation.
    Updated tank cover cap for improved mounting.
    Renewed seat improved on both the base plateand the foam –now providing better support fora more comfortable ride.
    Optimization of the air filter box for improved waterproofing; new mounting in the filter inspection side panel for a more practical use.
    New electrical system, with improved charging efficiency.
    Upgrade of numerous internal components of the ZF fork, to further improve fluidity and reliability.
    New shock absorber setting to increase traction.
    Updated speedometer giving better reliability and precision.
    New bright red colouring and graphics.

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  • Helmets


    The Quantic model has been officially approved and certified according to the ECE R22-06 standard

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