XTRAINER 300 MY 2021

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After months away from the off-road, what better occasion to celebrate the progressive return to the enduro of the new XTRAINER MY 2021. The new XTrainer is the forerunner to the arrival of the MY21 range with a fresh colorway.
The mix of ingredients remains what has made this model the most innovative motorcycle in the segment in recent years and the ideal tool for making a 360-degree enduro.
The Xtrainer’s outstanding qualities such as excellent engine response and top-notch ride ability provide high performances being at same time easy to handle, ensuring riders can cope confidently with whatever the situation demands.

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This is why the Xtrainer MY 2021 is also the best bike available for all those who want to enter the world of Extreme Enduro.

The ingredients of this perfect recipe can be summed up as follows:

Power delivery: pliable and linear, making it extremely rider-friendly; the countershaft reduces vibration, increases inertia and upgrades the power delivery curve. Augments the bike’s rideability through all the engine power bands;
Beta Progressive Valve: allowing excellent engine performance throughout the rev range thanks to easy external adjustment;
Seat height: lowered to 910 mm (compared to 930 mm in the RR range) for greater confidenceunder all ride conditions;
Low weight: just 98 kg, ensuring an agile and intuitive ride, even for newcomers;
Automatic oil injection: eliminating the need for a fuel-oil premix;
Soft tires: ensuring better grip on any terrain;
Mapping selector.